Web Design. WEB Design is a reflection of a company’s mind & spirit, its philosophy and business strategy. Sometimes needs to be a conservative to gain a trust from its web-viewers as in banking, sometimes needs to be provocative to gain high emotional response as in art.

Web Development. In our web development we use stable and light-weight web platforms & engines, to ensure its proper response, reliability, and SEO optimalization. We focus on HTML, HTML5, PHP, FULL FLASH WEB sites, Java, iPhone/iOS and Android Apps, and others.

Optimization. We dont make such MISTAKES as to focus on SEO optimization only. We provide a solution on user-friendly optimization aslo, such as copywriting, web-ergonomics, optim-web-layout, etc.

SEO. SEO is oftentimes wrongly understood and used as Search Engine Optimization only. Its also to gain proper monitoring feedback. Oterwise if there is no response from web such as analytics & monitoring data, then there will be no adaptation to current & up-to-date web demands.

Smartphone Apps. If your site is on a web, but not on smartphones phones, you loose a massive chunk of a market!!! Dont make that mistake ever again and get mobile. Its an absolute MUST!!!